The Menu


Frozen Acai Box

Fresh berries, coconut cream, granola and honeycom

French Toast for Italians

Choose the original(V) with brioche, berries and mascarpone or the plant powered version with vegan bread and whipped cashew cream (VG) (GF option with banana flour bread)

IDR 85k

Indian style spicy scramble. Choose our happy egg version(V) or our Mung bean dream version (Vg), all served with coconut yogurt tzatziki, papaya chutney plus your favorite bread (options GF)

IDR 89k
Signature Scramble

Soft scrambled eggs, brown butter sourdough, marinated sea grapes, truffle oil

IDR 89k
Bali Benedict

Brioche bun, goat's fetta, asparagus, poached duck egg, sauce Hollandaise sundried bumbu Bali, kemangi basil (Add free range bacon +25k) (options GF)

Ottoman Eggs

2 poached eggs, Turkish yoghurt, crispy garlic, zaatar paratha, sechuan chilli oil, fresh mint and coriander plus your favourite bread. (options GF)

Animal Based Big Breakfast

2 organic eggs, breakfast sausage, cassava hashbrown, witted spinach, free range bacon, black pudding, oyster mushroom, beetroot compote plus your favourite bread. Note: we only serve free range, vegetable fed pork from Bali Highlands, we believe it is worth the investment. (options GF)

IDR 169k
Plant Based Big Breakfast

Mung bean omelette. Jackfruit sausage, cassava hashbrown, witted spinach. Daikon 'bacon', coconut 'black pudding', Oyster mushrooms, papaya chutney plus your favourite bread.

Duck Egg Shakshuka

2 free range duck eggs cooked in spiced tomato sauce, fresh herbs and your favourite bread. (options GF) (Option: swap organic chicken eggs for duck eggs)

Pimp My Omelet

Choose organic egg (P) or mungbean omelet (S)(VG) and pick 2 fillings: Goat's Feta (V), Vegan Notzarella (Vg), Semi dried tomato (Vg), Mushroom medley (Vg), Wilted spinach (Vg), Smoked Butterfish (Pc)

Topped with zingy herb salad and 1 slice of sourdough

Extra bread and butter: +20K
Extra Fillings: +20K
(Option GF)


What's Your Favourite Bread?

Banana Flour Bread (Gf)(Vg)
Brioche (G)(V)
Classic White Toast (G)(Vg)
Paratha Flatbread (Gf)(Vg)
Grilled Croissant (G)(V)
Toasted Sourdough (G)(Vg)
Extra bread and grass fed butter or plant butter +20K


Zaatar Paratha, Greek Yoghurt, Cucumber, Cumin, Mint
IDR 39k
Pitta, Tomato Confit, Lemon Basil, Ricotta
IDR 39k
Sourdough, Brown Butter, Shiitake
IDR 55k
Sourdough, Gorgonzola, Wild Forest Honey
IDR 59k

Small Plates

White Snapper (Pc) or Coconut (Vg) Ceviche
IDR 55k
Cracksava Fries (warning: highly addictive) with homemade ketchup
IDR 49k
Broccoli stir fried with anchovy, capers, parmigiano and dill
IDR 59k
BBQ Cauliflower hot wings w/aioli
IDR 69k
Chargrilled Asparagus, Ricotta and Lemon
IDR 59k
Paneer (V) or Tofu (Vg) Malai Kofrta
IDR 59k
Marsala Chickpea Chole
IDR 49k


Grilled Haloumi

Asparagus, broccoli, greens and roasted garlic vinaigrette (Vg option: smoked tofu)

IDR 99k
Buratta Cheese

heirloom tomato, fire roasted bell pepper, smoked olive oil, balsamico, pili nuts

IDR 89k
Crushed Chickpease

Parsley, forest honey, heirloom tomato, walnuts, raisins, lemon

IDR 99k
Charred Asparagus

steamed broccoli, greens, miso dressing, choose smoked tofu (Vg) or beef brisket (P)

IDR 99k