Who Are We

We are a bunch of zero waste (mostly), optimistic, utterly unemployable, Earth-loving misfits who still believe in Love. After hearing Earth is the only planet with chocolate we decided to have a good go at not messing the place up for our next generation.

Our Menu

Healthy Food Reimagined

3 categories solving the mysteries of feeding humanity whilst reuniting our community. Let's get busy chewing on delicacies so we have no energy left to disagree on what on Earth we are supposed to eat.

Do you want fries with that?

Sattvic (Mostly) (S)

Plant focussed wholesome deliciousness. Light, nourishing and digestible yet satiating.

Ideal for: midnight meditators, mystical temple dwellers and anyone leaning towards a clinically diagnosed messiah complex

Prime (P)

Animal-based, nutrient-dense power foods mostly avoid starches, sugars, seed oils and excess plant defence chemicals

Ideal for: hulk hogan, spiritual warriors, arctic adventurers and anyone looking to crawl back up after a dark night or two.

Decadent (D)

Shamelessly rich yet vegan as fck (mostly). When using Earth First ingredients who says you can't have chocolate cake for breakfast?

Ideal for: unapologetic self-lovers, intelligent indulgence experts and anyone trying to get over their ex.

Loved by Many

Been there at soft opening. Very nice atmosphere, great music, amazing cooktails. They have very nice and cozy outdoor area, nice bar inside with ac and comfortable chairs and a nice big room upstairs for small events. lightning and design is very well done. The soft opening event was quite crowded and very nice. congratulations
Valentin S.
"We got vegan sushi, Bangkok noodles, and coconut ceviche… all were delicious!!"
Ali F.
"The black, wood and open design makes for a super romantic dinner place."
Linda Rinn